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July 24, 2004

Toobing Trip

Well yesterday five of us piled into the Tahoe with camping gear, video games, and DVDs and headed for the Guadalupe. We arrived at the campsite about 11:30pm, set up our tents, and passed out. This morning we woke up, had a wonderful breakfast, and went down to the river. We had nine people, one dog, and an ice cooler in our flotilla. The dog did surprisingly well in her own tube and drew quite a few startled stares and comments from other river folk. Tired and parched we left the river, changed, and hit a little burger shop which satisfied our hunger and thirst. Our whirlwind trip ended when we arrived home about 8 o'clock tonight. The girls drove and talked in the front, and us guys sat in the back and watched movies. The backseat theater played Raiders of the Lost Ark, Office Space, Temple of Doom, and The Wedding Singer. A good time was had by all... including our dog. Thanks to our wonderful friends who made the trip what it was.

Posted by LoneAggie at July 24, 2004 09:27 PM